Thanks so much for your writing. Please never stop. We love you Michael.

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Indeed, the right to keep & bare arms is the answer against slavery, though Jesus never advocated the elimination of slavery.

In the movie ‘Night of the Hunter’, Lillian Gish played a good example of an American Christian woman whose weapon equalized her to the muscular false preacher (Robert Mitchum) who would murder 2 of her foster children- after murdering their mother- for the money hidden in the girl’s doll.

A Walt Disney movie, ‘Scare Crow’, starring Patrick McGoohan, portrayed a Godly minister who sabotaged British elements during the War of Independence disguised, with his band, as scarecrows.

Hitler did permit gun ownership among private citizens in agreement with wresting Germany from communist corruption & subversion, which conformed with the ‘positive Christianity’ platform of the Reich.

My point is that the post medieval notion of God given rights to individual life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - unguaranteed by the tradition of the monarchy-cannot be realized without the ownership & usage of firearms.

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To Hauntess

You wrote: "Hitler did permit gun ownership among private citizens in agreement with wresting Germany from communist corruption & subversion, which conformed with the ‘positive Christianity’ platform of the Reich."

1. Private citizens who were not " in agreement" with Hitler were sent to concentration camps and in many cases murdered. The murder victims included both Judaics as well as anti-Communist anti-usury advocates such as Gregor Strasser who had publicized the extent to which Hitler had betrayed the fight against Mammonism. Moreover, for a regime to be praised for permitting gun ownership for its allies (those "in agreement") among the people, is tantamount to praising Joe Biden for permitting gun ownership among Antifa.

2. "Positive Christianity" was an attempt by the pagan Hitler to reduce the Gospel of the New Testament, which was implacably hostile to Nazi dogma, to a useful tool for his idolatry of the racial state. Hitler was personally deeply committed to an occult weltanschauung as I document in my book, "Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People"


Please refrain from using my column to post any further support for the alleged liberty-loving qualities of the Führer. It is equivalent to flat earth advocacy and prima facie ridiculous.

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Quite the rebuke.

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I don't know what shape the earth is, and I don't trust any CGIs that convey what it allegedly is, but I do know that it sure as Hell is not spinning. That is a demonstrable lie and hoax.

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I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said, the 2nd Amendment guarantees the other nine.

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Oh yah, God bless you Michael,

Thank you for the good references,

Well done, Spot on.

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Thank you Mr. Hoffman for your podcasts on Twilight Language, the second installment in particular. It helps to frame the action within our shared container as process, this makes it possible to consider with some actual charity the deformed reflection which gazes dimly back at us in the bent mirrors lining the corridors of the "internet baggage train". Time to look out the window and consider our destination. You reveal that which their reveal, um, conceals; the byproducts of the method spill from the broken retort. We're drunk on our own fermented preferences, especially those which buttress ego. Does putrefactio precede nigredo? I cannot remember because I neglected to take notes.

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Spot on

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