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Your work is fascinating & enlightening.

Thank you.

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You are quite better informed than I am. I read one book by Israel Shahak, and he only read the Talmud, didn't comment on it or make opinions.

Without knowledge of the TALMUD, you can never understand Gaza. The Talmud is not optional, nor subject to modification, even if moderate Jewish people say they are against certain behaviors.

Every last public figure (in the world), is hired "only" to put out that institution's narrative. Sometimes a narrative is too radical for the public to swallow, so then the narrative is put out in stages. The stages are each introduced, concurrent with some big event. Then the institution can say, “we wanted to do this” (stage one), but now in light of these events, we have to do that, (stage 2).

But nothing has changed. Stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, and the final "shoo-in" were all decided decades ago. That brings us back to the TALMUD. The Talmud proves that the OSLO two-state piece plan was a stage-one, window dressing, made solely for Western consumption. It is pure and unadulterated Bull-s**t, that never-ever could possibly be realized. (I should write "never-ever" about ten times, so you get the picture.)

Also, the one-state solution is an abomination, thus leaving only the ZERO-State solution, according to the Israelis. Is that the stage-4 narrative, or does it go beyond that to stage 5? Nothing else will ever be implemented nor forced onto the Zionists. Maybe the Zero-State solution won't be implemented either??? That means there will be some grave changes in the world.

Learn all about the TALMUD at this short link (126 pages).



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