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A few thoughts.

1). Why is the “word of God” any more trustworthy than any other document? I assume since you reference Yahweh that you are referring to the what Christians call the Old Testament. Each and every book of the Old Testament, like the Talmud, was written down by a men belonging to an ancient near eastern tribe which was deeply ethnocentric and racist and would have had every reason to engage in propaganda. Why is it the world of God? Because they say so! Some of the books, like that of Esther, don’t even reference God at all and appear to be entirely gloating war propaganda. Much of the Hebrew Conquest is clearly hyperbolic (other tribes were “utterly destroyed” yet appear later in the narrative) and the Creation Narrative is not historically, geologically, or scientifically plausible. There is scant genuine archaeological evidence for its history as well, despite the modern state of Israel’s intense search for it. Could it be that just maybe its authors suffered from conformation bias? Could it be that “Yahweh” is just a particularly jealous ancient near eastern god that happened to inspire particularly effective propaganda that keeps many in thrall to this day?

2). I was not as impressed at Dr. Unz’s article as you. He even states that in Allison Weir’s book (which he praises) she clearly states that the Balfour Declaration was the result of some kind of deal, which he just dismisses, despite the fact that Mrs. Weir provides citation and even published on her website information regarding this crucial point which you omit (https://ifamericansknew.org/us_ints/balfour.html). It seems that Dr. Unz has no real method to this process of informing himself, dismissing and accepting concepts and facts arbitrarily.

3). I appreciate your truth telling in regards to Hitler, who was clearly a disastrous leader. In the efforts to revise the record on the “holocaust” many are going into areas that are just nonsense. Considering said individual has been dead for nearly 80 years I think we would all be best served by focusing on the evidence and getting our history to be in conformance with reality as much as possible.

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Dear Mr. Hoffman,

I have read most of your writings and I appreciate many aspects of your writings, especially the Talmud Exposures, as they are often very insightful.

However "saint" Paul, was not an Apostle, was hired by the Jewish Pharisee's-with his thugs-to murder Jesus and his followers. His "conversion on the road to Damascus was Total BS to place him in a position of power, backed by the Pharisees and Dark powers in Rome, into the remaining inner circle of Jesus followers to Hijack Jesus Teachings which is exactly what he did. Most Christians, some unknowingly, follow the Demiurge "god" Old Testament teachings and the Murderer/Slaver Paul's teachings. Jesus was/is a Gnostic Essene.

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Is there such a word as conférés or did you maybe mean "confrères"? Or could "conférés" be a sort of useful made-up word meaning "persons conferred with"? From conférer (to confer).

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“Meanwhile, what I found most striking in reviewing all of this material was the total lack of any supporting evidence from the American side. Surely if the nefarious Zionists had somehow managed to manipulate America into declaring war against Germany at least some Americans would have become aware of that fact and mentioned it in their writings or private diaries. Yet I found absolutely nothing.

Wow, what a great piece I enjoyed reading it thoroughly but I'm terribly puzzled because of some information i have in front of me here. It comes from a book entitled The Day the Dollar Dies by Dr. Willard Cantelon date of publication 1973 Logos International.. Note that Dr. Cantelon was Oxford trained, held a distinguished chair there and was an advisor to U.S. Presidents and was at all of the important meetings internationally covering the unfolding events politically in banking especially throughout the world. The history he reveals blows me away and yet when I read essays as this one above I'm like huh what? Further to this to read that Run Unz balks at the notion America funded Hitler is absurd to the extreme and he dismisses it outright again I go huh, what?

I take Hitler to be little more than a useful idiot who was set up by the International Bankers. Here is a quote an extensive one at that to regarding some missing pieces. From pages 44-66:

And in underground vaults five stories below Wall Street reside more than a hundred thousand gold bars worth well over a billion dollars. But though this gold is on American soil, it is not ours. It bears the stamps of the central banks of any one of seventy foreign countries. But in spite of the physical guard placed on the gold at Fort Knox and in the sub-basements of the New York banks, America's gold steadily drained away. If the gold could speak, it might impart quite a story of the miles it had traveled from country to country and from one hand to another. .At the height of her power, Britain took much of the gold from the Spanish. The Spanish took it from the colonies that they invaded. At the close of World War I, when the leaders of the Western world met in the beautiful Hall of Mirrors to sign the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was compelled to deliver up all the gold she possessed in the Reich Bank of the nation. It would not be long, however, before much of America's gold would move back again to Germany and to western Europe.

ln 1934, when legislation was passed prohibiting the American public from owning gold currency, the door was left wide open to the foreign holders of American dollars to claim gold in exchange for their paper. But even before this international stage was set, Representative Louis T. McFadden (R-Pa.), Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency, made statements on June 10 of 1932 which indicated America's gold was already moving back to Europe. His statements were recorded in the Congressional Record and pages 140-174 in H. S. Kenan's book entitled The Federal Reserve Bank. Representative McFadden speaks of those on the other side of the water with a strong banking "fence getting the currency of theFederal Reserve Banks-exchanging that currency for gold and transmitting the gold to the foreign confederates."

McFadden named the dates on which America's gold was shipped to Germany:

On April 27, 1932, $750 thousand in gold was sent to Germany. One week later another $300 thousand in gold was shipped to Germany the same way. In the middle of May of that year, $12 million in gold was shipped to Germany. . . .Almost every week there was a shipment of gold to Germany-these shipments are not made for profit.

Representative McFadden referred also to the comments of Senator Elihu Root:

Long before we wake up from our dreams of prosperity through an inflated currency, our gold which could have kept us from catastrophe will have vanished, and no rate of interest will tempt it to return.

In his report to Congress, Louis McFadden asked the question,

Why should our depositors and our government be forced to flnance the munition factories of Germany and Soviet Russia?

Representative McFadden continued,

Gold was taken from the entrusting American people and was sent to Europe. In the last several months $1,300,000,000 in gold has been sent to Europe every dollar of that gold once belonged to the people of United States and was unlawfully taken from them.

As I weighed the words of Louis McFadden and other lawmakers, I also witnessed the fantastic scene of America's vanishing gold. The record was unbelievable:

1949 - $24,500,000,000

1958 - $21 ,593,000,000

1959 -$20,478,483,000

1960- $19,420,997,000

196L - $ 17,667,587,000

1962-$.15,997 ,647,000


On and on the gold drain went, unabated. Then came the crisis in the spring of 1968. We were living in Europe at that particular time. On March 14, hysterical crowds of people crowded, screamed, and scrambled their ways to the windows of the banks of England, and to the bank windows of the sub-basements of Paris to exchange their paper for gold. On one single day, the crude and the cultured, the peer and the peasant, carried off 200 tons of the precious metal. They stored it in secret places of their homes and deposited it in various banks in strongboxes labeled with fictitious names.

On that day Senator Everett Dirksen in conversation with Secretary of the Treasury Fowler, William McChesney Martin, and a dozen other senators said,

We have reached the bottom of the barrel.

It seemed like only yesterday when I spoke on monetary matters when America had $26 billion in gold in her treasuries. By June 30 of 1971, it had been reduced to $10.5 billion. stop quote

So hows that for an interesting piece of history and why?

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Additionally here's a juicy morsel to dig ones teeth into as well:

from pages 65-67

Some of the strongest words that came to my attention were those of Curtis B. Dall, written in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 1968, as an introduction to H. S. Kenan's book on the Federal Reserve Bank. In reference to the international bankers, Mr. Dall writes,

They are driving toward complete control of the world's long-range monetary policy and principal

world markets for their own profit. They foment foreign wars to aid this objective.

It did not take a brilliant mathematician long to prove with simple arithmetic that war debts allowed to continue would soon burden the people of the world with such indebtedness that it would take most of the earning power of the masses simply to pay the compounding interest. Was it possible, I asked myself repeatedly, that men could so crave power that they would be willing to sacrifice millions of lives to the god of war in order to achieve their goals? If it were true, were they so deluded or deceived that they justified the mass slaughter of the innocent as a socalled stepping-stone to a better world they were seeking to build? Regardless of the questions, or their answers, here was one certain fact: the world was swiftly moving toward centralized government and universal control. The

General Assembly of the United Nations frequently echoed with accusations and dissension. But there was one power that seemed even stronger than man's endless legislation. It was the power of money. Whoever controlled it, controlled man's destiny. The path toward world control seemed to be indeed a divided highway. On one side, there were the shadowy personalities representing the high priests of finance, who visualized the wealth of the world in few hands-their hands. On the other side of the road, there were a number of men, honest and sincere, who pointed out that the total commitment to a world government was man's only hope of escaping a nuclear holocaust. Or famine from exploding populations, or poison from pollution..

Checks Obsolete

Members of the Federal Reserve warned that the nations' banks could strangle on the 22 billion checks the Americans wrote each year, pointing out that in a hundred months the number of checks would double. They urged the adoption of a computer system which would automatically transfer funds between bank accounts. A person's pay would automatically be credited to his bank account by his employer, without the writing of a check. And the regular payments which the worker owed-car payments, rent, etc. -would automatically be sent to his creditors' accounts when due. George Mitchell of the Federal Reserve declared it was most urgent to reform the checking system before the economy smothered under a pile of paper. I did not know George Mitchell personally, but I did know many honest and sincere bankers who shared his sentiments. There was Carlos Verheek of the Kredietbank

of Belgium, and Banker Keller of Germany.

Mountains of Paper

As I sat with Banker Keller in his Stuttgart office, I heard him heave a weary sigh. "We are being buried under paper," he said sadly. From the doorway of his office I could see the lines of people standing impatiently before the bank tellers. I knew that back home our government was spending $350,000 a minute. The welfare program alone was costing the taxpayers more than a billion dollars a month' In a

four year period, the federal budget had increased 84% and in five years the money supply 47%

ln America, I had talked with my banker friends' Without exception every banker realized we were coming to the end of an old regime and the dawn of a new era' Our early an-cestors had-used shells, iron, cotton' or cattle as a medium of exchange Then gold' Now, the paper currencies were becoming as antiquated as all of the obsolete systems that man had used. A new system was about to dawn over the entire world and it would be a number system' made possible by the birth of the computer in 1946.' close quote

It seems to me one has to understand monetary history to really understand historical events. I light of that imagine it was a Dr. Carrol Quigley who after being given access to the International Bankers secret papers and records came of the opinion that they were the hope of the world? Further to this i find it odd to have comes across where I no longer remember where but a quote that they never thought that the worlds wars would take on such a bloody murderous tone as they did? To that its hard to believe a man like Hitler who saw the trench warfare of WW1 and was hardened by it all hes the one that became Chancellor? A corporal as Rommel insulted him later? My quest though has always been a question that continues to bother me to this day. Christians murdering Christians?

and with that are these final words form Dr. Cantelon:


I sat in Brussels in March, 1972, with my friend, Dave Oliver, who had devoted 28 years of his life to tirelessly working with the Atomic Energy Commission. In recalling the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, we were impressed that it was the voice signal of the U.S. President, Harry Truman, that released that bomb from the B-29 that flew over Hiroshima on that memorable

day. With knowledge of that amazing incident, we turned in the prophetic Scriptures to the prophecies of John in the book of Revelation. Here the prophet not only spoke of a one-world government, canceling the old monetary currencies of the past and establishing a new number system, the prophet also spoke of a world leader, having authority over, the military power of the world, and declared,

Power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations [and he adds], He maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. (Rev. l3:7, 13)

If a man became head of a world government and possessed such power, surely it would be greater than what any man in history had ever possessed before him.

What would happen if such power was invested in a man who should turn into a maniac like Adolph Hitler? Was there such a danger? Of course there was, and most sober minded leaders of government realized it. But man seemed to be caught between two undesirable alternatives. The old paths behind him pointed back to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and 50 million dead from World War I[. The other path offered the forfeiture of rights by individuals and nations being pushed daily nearer to a form of world government.

Grenville Clark said,

Perhaps it may take a few nuclear bombs and several million deaths.

And Joseph Clark added,

The people will follow when the leaders tell them there is no alternative.

Messiansim? Only in the Bible do we find the mentioning of a Messiah but alas what we will see first of all is the Abomination of Desolation. So were back to those words "Who do the people say that I am."


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For any interested imagine the level of wealth of just one banking family?

The House of Rothschild

Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812) of Frankfurt, Germany, studied originally to be a rabbi. Later, however, he turned his interests to finance and, with his five sons, established the famous banking house in Frankfurt. Four of the sons were later sent to Vienna, London, Paris, and Naples to set up branches of their family bank. This combine soon became the most powerful banking establishment

of Europe. Amschel Rothschild, the eldest son, remained with his father in Frankfurt and became the

treasurer of the German Confederation. Salomon, the second son, founder of the Vienna branch, became a leading personality in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Nathan, the third son, founder of the London branch, became the rnost powerful man in English finance. Carl, the fourth son, founder of the Naples branch, became one of the most powerful men in Italy. James (Jacob), the fifth son, founder of the Paris branch, soon dominated the financial destiny of France. BY 1850, THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD'S REPRESENTED MORE WEALTH THAN ALL THE ROYAL FAMILIES OF EUROPE AND BRITAIN COMBINED.

International Bankers

The House of Warburg, the House of Rothschild, the few other powerful banking houses became known as "the international bankers." They are described best by Dr. Carroll Quigley who taught at Princeton and Harvard. He did research in the archives of France, Italy, and England and authored several widely read books. When Dr. Quigley decided to write Tragedy and Hope (Macmillan, 1966), he knew he would be exposing one of the best-kept secrets in the world. Regarding the international bankers, Dr. Quigley states,

They remained different from ordinary bankers in distinctive ways: (1) they were cosmopolitan and international; (2) they were close to governments and were particularly concerned with questions of government debts; (3) their interests were almost exclusively in bonds and very rarely in goods; (4) they were, accordingly, fanatical devotees of inflation; (5) they were almost equally devoted to secrecy and the secret use of financial influence in political life. These bankers came to be called the international bankers.

Wow, how much of the world is indebted to them? Further with so much wealth i often wonder about a possible robinhood moment. i mean really what better way for Satan to gather to itself the world than to pull off a robinhood type event? To redistribute the wealth of the world will most assuredly cause it to become a kind of savior or even a god in the eyes of all but for that blessing you will have to do what? Take the mark ala Big Brother and worship it as it said to our savior Christ Jesus?

So something to think about? and Dr. Carroll Quigley after having gone threw they're secret papers refereed to them as the hope of the world? DEBT? Wow, imagine the kind of wealth they must be sitting on? More wealth than all of the royal families combined? WHEW?

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Let's focus on Judaism and Christianity for now:

Much of the Old Testament Clearly being the Biography of the Psychotic Demiurge/Satan god, it is self-evident, and if we do not Bow Down to and Worship this Extreme Psychopath then he will hit us and our with Fire and Brimstone. He Commands many-many times that entire towns be attacked, men-women-children-animals be slaughtered and burned so he can smell the delicious aroma and in some cases he wanted a large share of the spoils including virgins-children and cattle because he is a corporeal being (has a body).

There is very little of the True Christ in Christianity, enough to draw in many good people, but most is the worship and obedience to the "god" noted above.

Consider "saint" Paul, who was no saint and not an Apostle, but an assassin for the Jewish Pharisees. He hijacked many of Jesus True teachings to the ridiculousness of the New Testament:

Ephesians 6 1

Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.

Clearly Paul is a Slavers Henchman.

Best Always,


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Dear Michael

I temporarily paused my account for personal reasons but had the privilege to read this, one of your most interesting short writings.

One question. How do you reconcile your belief that, “It is Yahweh who chooses who will believe in Him and who will not.” With, Fate, which is a pagan Greek concept? I always believed that the gift of free-will disallows this.

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Thank you for the article sir, reminds me of the hymn and parable on Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand and James 1:5 ‭‭

"But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him."

If I'm not mistaken I saw an interview you did with David Irving, talk about heavy weight historians in one room!

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