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They're the same picture...

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“Truth is truth to the end of reckoning.” (Shakespeare, Measure for Measure, Act V)

In being held hostage by the mendacious counterfeits of a culture built on lies (e.g. free trade, super-materialism, ecumenism—new age) we have lost our ability to discern, to say no.

There is still time if we could learn our language anew! Now and forever, thank you Michael.

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You try to find similarities between Zionism and National Socialism but missed two important differences:

First, the Israelis have not set out to systematically exterminate the Arabs. If they had, most or all of the Palestinian problems would be dead by now. That is not a small difference.

Second, German Jews were in no sense to a threat to the existence of Germany. They were loyal to Germany, even proud of their German culture, and served loyally in the First World War. They were slaughtered in mass killings such have never even been remotely approached by the Israelis because of a bizarre ideology of racial purity that had zero basis in reality.

The Israelis, however, have been locked in a life and death struggle for survival, particularly in 1948-49 when they were by no means the great military power they are today. The Arab leadership was openly boasting of their intention to slaughter the Jews, and it was they who let loose the dogs of war. In that bloody struggle the Jews behaved no differently than any other country or ethnic group would have done, and were in fact far more lenient with their defeated enemies than the Arabs would have been with them were the situation reversed.

Where is your concern for the people who are destroying America today?

Moreover, I believe some of your quotes from Jewish leaders have been falsified and are not reliable. In his book PALESTINE BETRAYED, Ephraim Karsh has given specific examples of this tendency even by Israeli New Historians to selectively edit and even falsify quotes.

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Mr Hoffman, I have read 2 of your books, and learned a lot from them, but this comment of mine here will be off-topic, but it might interest you and your readers.

Years ago I was into Evolutionary Psychology readings, and it happened that one of the publications that was active in this regard was EDGE.org by John Brockman, now a well known associate of Epstein. Brockman himself is obviously Jewish, as is/was J Epstein, as were Jewish a great part of the people published and promoted by his network.

But the interesting thing, that might interest you, is that Brockman is one of the major people on which Lutz Dammbeck builds his 2003 documentary titled "The Net - the Unabomber, LSD and the Internet". (Freely available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yn9BvNAUvcU )

I think this is a very, very interesting connection that author exposed in that documentary. I wanted to present this "link" to you, just because you had a chapter in one of your books about the "Unabomber".

I think there's something more in there, something esoteric, not immediately understood... Something to do with the way society had to go, and that was planned more than half a century ago, and different fronts were moved by something, all fronts into one general direction. Technology/Science, popular culture, Literature (science fiction boom), Mythology (UFO mythology!). And the thing that ties these all together is the idea of progress, of something better to come. Is this how people and entire (western) societies, are controlled, by creating artificial dreams, and then controlling those dreams?

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Dear Mr Hoffman,

The genocidal hate speech in Nazi Germany and Talmudic-Zionist “Israel” have striking parallels. One cannot help to notice the hypocrisy.

My inquiry to your post is one of inheritance and whether the promise made to Old Testament Abraham, Israel's patriarch, as well as patriarch to them in union to Christ by adoption, that Canaan continues to be the possesion of the Jews today.

Just before Old Testament Israel were to take possession of Canaan that God had promised to them, He warned Moses they were going to apostatize with the gods of the heathen nations, and the penalties He would charge them as a result (Deut 28–33). Although Joshua was able to stave off the appetite Israel possessed to practice idolatry, once he had gone there were no other leaders like him and Moses who would commit themselves to regulate Israel's obedience to God as carefully as they did. We notice in Scripture that even Josiah was not a disciplined regulator of obedience as Moses was, resulting in the gradual demise of holiness that eventually became inevitable among the Israelites.

The practice of idolatry during the time of the Judges was to a reasonable extent curtailed but not all judges honoured God's requirement for holiness. Similarly, this could also be said of some of the kings of Israel—with exception to David and a few others. Followng Solomon's reign, the apostasy intensified once the division of the twelve tribes ensued into two kingdoms, Israel and Judah.

Sadly, the progression of idolatry became so bad that God's severest forms of judgment needed to be unleased, and it brought destruction, death and long durations of captivity and foreign pagan rule to Israel and Judah's enemies.

God having forwarned Moses what would happen, forced His hand to bring severe judgment and disperse Israel and Judah to the then known world, and the remainder into captivity to their enemies. But not without the promise was this penalty brought becauae they could return and relocate to the land of Canaan if they repented. God's mercies ever endure!

I have made the case above so I could present my questions below, which are:

Is there any record that Israel repent of their idolatry in order to fufill God's promise they could return to the land of Canaan after their captivity to the Assyrians?

And again, is there any record that Judah repent of their idolatry in order to return to the land of Canaan, as God had promised, after their captivity to the Babylonians?

And last but not least,

Is it the will of God that Jews, since 1948, legitimately possess the land of Palestine, part of which is now called Israel, to fufill the promise God gave to Abraham in Genesis 17, that it would belong to his decendants forever?

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Unreal. I guess the storming of Normandy was in vain.

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One thing about the Arab-Israeli conflict: the history of the world is full of countless wars and conflicts. All over the world there are wars, injustices, exploitations, oppressions, it is part of the human condition. There was fighting between Egypt and Turkey in the 1830s and 40s when Israel did not even exist. And you mentioned many other examples, including the senseless and useless war in the Ukraine.

About historic Palestine, much depends on your view of the Bible. Unlike many people, I believe the events describing Abraham and the Jewish people really occurred, and God has given the Jews a claim to the land. This does not mean they have carte blanche and everything they do is right or justified. Even in Bible times there were wicked kings with evil policies. Their own prophets describe the wickedness and sinfulness of the Jews - see Isaiah chapter one - but still God has a purpose for them there and they have a right to some kind of homeland there.

And about the Lenni Lenape in Pennsylvania, there is no way their culture could have survived into the modern age. The same could be said of little Palestinian agricultural villages. Even if Israel had never come into being and the land was gobbled up by Syria or Egypt, who knows how many of them would be gone now anyway?

About the Great COVID Psyop, I am currently reading "Corona-Fascism: How Politicians Used A Virus to Eliminate Privacy, Enrich Themselves, and Put the Final Nail In Liberty's Coffin" - also Robert Kennedy's book "Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health" portrays Dr. Fauci as a cruel, corrupt, incompetent monster - an allegedly cruel, corrupt and incompetent monster I should say.

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Thank You so much for printing these truths and working to bring them to our awareness.

I have searched far and wide for the wisdom revealed on this page.

The world does not know the truth revealed here. But they need to know it. About the Nazis. About the Zionists. Quoting the perpetrators in their own words. The truth.

And it is much appreciated.

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