I mean Guyenot thinks that we imagined 200 years of the first millennium so I'm not surprised

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Yes, Laurence G. is a very seductive writer.

Can’t put my finger on where at the moment, but Michael, reaffirming the words of Christ, tells us that knowledge is not power, but rather true power is the ability to detect fraud (to discern). The role of the Occult in our lives, (Kabbala through the Church, Neoplatonic Hermeticism through the mental virus of the point of view of our scientism) — this is treated like a hot potato by most of our serious writers today. Especially thanks to 20th c. University education, which twists the writings of the profound thinker Nietzche into a tattered rag for mopping up our blood drenched ideologies into a neat formula.

Gotta leave you with a marvelous quote from Revisionist History newsletter #36 from March, 2005 — nearly 19 forgotten years ago:

“To the student of history, context is the critical component which determines whether we will apprehend the reality of the past in the mirror of time, or whether we will mistake our own reflection in that mirror, projecting our prejudices and preconceptions and creating not history, but self delusion.”

In his book on Adolf Hitler, which includes a rehabilitative discussion of Nietzsche, Michael writes: “Hatred of the Bible’s Old Testament is also a mark of the occult” (p 27).

As always, thank you. If I am a close reader, it’s because I feel our salvation depends on a careful walk. We have been so reckless and filled with (rabbinic) self-worship.

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What an amazing paper. Thank you so much for taking the time to educate and enlighten us.

Seems like Guyenot, just like a myriad of others, keeps re-hashing the same old tired arguments.

Which begs the question, why do we people fall for such con jobs? From vitamins, religion, politics, to diets. We just seem to be very gullible as humans.

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I think Michael misses the significance of Guyenot's UNZ article. I believe Guyenot was writing science fiction.

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LOL, Arnold, but sadly ironic as so much of our public duping and thought distortion has come precisely from science fiction. In “Secret Societies” (Hoffman) discusses Arthur C. Clarke, “Childhood’s End” and “2001 Space Odyssey.” And others like H.G.Wells and Aldous Huxley — seems like a purpose of the Cryptocracy to distort in this way any and all traditional thinking once held as a verity, exactly as you jokingly say about Guyenot. (Dostoevsky: “What irks me is that they lie and then worship their own lies.” —sorry, couldn’t resist)

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Michael I respect your research and hard work in Exposing Truth. However how do you miss that the "god" Demiurge who the Old Testament is mostly a damning Biography of is a Psychotic, Mass Murdering, Ethnic Cleansing, Child Sacrificer, Corporeal Being(s)? I have known this for 40 years and did not need Guyenot to note it. The Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Mass Child Sacrificing, Apartheid by the Zionists are doing to the Palestinians follows their Father's ("god" of the Old Testament) PSYCHOPATHY.

The Catholic Church has been a Disaster for Humanity. Just consider: Crusades, Inquisitions, Mass Murder of non-Catholics, Wars, Infallible Psychotic Popes.

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Please don’t use this comment section as a billboard for your detestation of God.

If you have some particular document or data you wish to present then proceed.

Otherwise, simply to fulminate as you do is tiresome, and may result in the removal of your comment.

The expression of your hate would seem to have no constructive academic or research purpose, other than venting your rage.

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This is very disappointing but demonstrates you are an Apologist for an obvious Psychotic Murderous "god". Satan takes his orders to hurt and cause mayhem from your "god" as clear in the Book of Job.

It is not hate it is obvious Truth which you obvious cannot take. There is plenty of academic and research points here-let's go at it?

Plus you are a censurer of someone who disagrees with you.

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The following note comes from "M," one of the leaders of modern Gnosticism in the western hemisphere. I don't have permission to name him therefore I will only quote what he wrote. My rejoinder follows.

Feb. 4 Gnostic leader M wrote:

"FYI. In Gnosticism Jehovah is distinct from Yahweh. Yahweh is a fallen initiate and head of the Black Lodge."

(End quote)

Dear M.

Jehovah is simply the English translation of the Hebrew name Yahweh (YHWH).

Yehoushua — Jesus’ Hebrew name — literally means “Yahweh saves.”

Hence, the very name the Gnostics assert is that of a black magician forms the name of our Savior.

The name Yahweh (YHWH) appears nearly 7,000 times in the Bible as the name of God.

"God said moreover to Moses, 'You shall tell the children of Israel, 'Yahweh, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you. ' This is my name forever, and this is my memorial to all generations." (Exodus 3:13-15).

2 Chronicles 7:14: “...my people, which are called by my name…”

Adherents of Orthodox Talmudism are not called by His name, because in defiance of God’s command in the Bible, the Mishnah declared that “He who pronounces the divine Name as it is spelled out” has “no portion in the world to come.” (Mishnah Sanhedrin 10:1).

By the Pharisee-dominated late Second Temple period, the personal name of God was pronounced only once a year, by the high priest, on Yom Kippur.

In fidelity to this superstition, St. Jerome in translating the Latin Vulgate, substituted Dominus for Yahweh. The King James translators rendered Yahweh's Name “LORD” in upper case letters.

I have written a study, "Tetragrammaton Magic: The Suppression of Yahweh's Name in Christendom":


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This substack comments section nothing compared to the section on UNZ. See how the author is utterly torn up, failing to note the numerous problems in the Dr. Unz's article, and furthermore, skirting around Dr. Guyenot's basic point--that the God of the Old Testament is not compatible with the Jesus. If Hoffman had read any of his books he'd know this. Instead he appears to be pulling a "Dr. E Michael Jones" and just launching an attack on his "adversary" without reading their works. This article makes Hoffman seem foolish and avoidant of the real discussion.

This incompatibility was noted first perhaps by Marcion, but he certainly isn't the only one. Basically any decent person will notice this as well if they ever read the Old Testament like a book--and not just the parts recited in liturgies or referred to in the New Testament. If they are the same God it needs to be admitted that we have divine schizophrenia. Commanding your chosen people to commit genocide of innocent infants is wrong, and one would think, utterly impossible for a Just Heavenly Father. Yet this is exactly what time and time again the God of the old testament commands "His People" to do.

Christianity's failure to address this issue is a root cause, I think, for the present genocide occurring in Gaza which would be impossible if Israel was not backed by the USA which contains many Zionist Christians. Hoffman's use of the No True Scotsman fallacy to deny this is extraordinary and unconvincing.

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Truly tiresome, if not worse, still stuck in the earliest Christian heresies, which so strangely seem to include an “ethic” of name-calling and hate-slinging, which would make one suspect a sprinkling of Torah SheBeal peh. As for the comment section on Unz.com — with no disrespect at all intended towards Ron — it’s a forum for intellectual mud-wrestling, with so many Hulks flinging their ideas of history back and forth with almost NO documentation. Opinions infallible zinging around like hardballs. Laziest documentation. Almost a hatred of history, not to mention of truth.

What is truth. “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. … Awake thou that sleepiest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light…” Ephesians 5.

The great danger of the “intellectual freedom” supposedly espoused is that it isn’t intellectual at all, except in the most illiterate of ways. This is nihilism. Grand Inquisitor stuff (The Brothers Karamazov And Doctor Zhivago) — a truly soul-killing tactic which renders us all vulnerable to “attacks of fallen spirits” with cults “that open one up to be used by demons” (Fr. Seraphim Rose, “Orthodoxy and the Relgion of the Future” p. 69). Creates chaos and violence and idiocy.

We need Michael’s profound efforts of thought, scholarship, and writing now more than ever in these struggles with satan and our “quotidian occult” (pp 11-17, “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare”). If we only knew…

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Again a demonstration of not answering the question. If it is so tiresome and already settled it should be trivial to provide the answer--yet there is none.

Speaking of sloppy documentation, in Judiansim's Strange Gods Hoffman states on page 354 that "Dr. Baruch Goldstein, a native of Brooklyn, New York, murdered FORTY Palestinians on Purim, February 25t, 1994." In fact , he killed only 29. This is the kind of error that really makes one doubt other "FACTS" in the book. More importantly, on Dr. Goldstein's grave, which has become a pilgrimage site for Jews, is inscribed: "He gave his life for the people of Israel, its Torah and land.. "


Torah comes up. Why? Well could it be that in the TORAH Yahweah commands individuals to commit genocide over and over and over with nauseating repetition. What was really so different between Joshua and Dr. Goldstein? Certainly there is a difference in degree, as Joshua massacred a whole city except one traitorous lying harlot, while Goldstein only gunned down a 29 souls. But a difference in kind? Not really. Both are Hebrew supremacists acting out what they believe their God commands. That "thou shalt not kill" only applies to other Hebrews (and not even all of them should they take Midianite as wives instead of sex slaves/concubines https://drbo.org/chapter/04025.htm)

The Story of Jephte is puts it together very succinctly. Jephte is good because he massacres other people with the help of God, having made a blood promise to Yahweah to ritually kill and burn the first person to exit his home upon his return in exchange for Yahweah's assistance in the massacre. He hoped it would be his servant who would emerge first, but it was his daughter, which he proceeded to kill and burn. https://drbo.org/chapter/07011.htm. No, Gabriel didn't come down and tell Jephte to not do this like with Abraham. She was female and not that important apparently.

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Benjamin “ Baruch” Goldstein slaughtered 40 Palestinians in Hebron as Palestinian eyewitnesses testified.

As damage control the Israelis later arbitrarily lowered the kill total to 29. II chose to believe the witnesses. For this Anthony accuses me of being in error.

Anthony accepts at face value the official media figure and believes in it so faithfully that he avers that my giving 40 deaths as the accurate figure has led him to doubt other facts in my book.

He is welcome to do so.

I hope he will subject Israeli hasbara to the same level of scrutiny.

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Provide documentation as to what eye witnesses please. It wouldn't surprise me in the least that the Israelis would lie about this, but serious people need more than a claim, as Katya pointed out in regarda to UNZ.com comments. Though I admit it would seem to me odd to reduce something from 40 to 29 for this reason. It's mass murder of insignificantly less degree to most people.

What I would like more than hair splitting over sloppy documentation is a real answer to my questions. What say you about Dr. Goldstein's epitath? Is it an error to say that he died for the Torah---not the Talmud (which you seem to blame most immoral Judiac behavior on)? Was there any difference in kind between his mass murder and Joshua's, or Sampson's?

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Please, sir, you don’t know the difference between the oral Torah and the written Torah so all of this is going to be a mystery to you.

The Talmud is the oral Torah —the Torah sheBeal peh.

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" Hitler claimed the mantle of Nietzsche and Darwin and proclaimed a struggle for survival unhindered by “slave morality.” Hitler and his cabal then lost that struggle and went down to total defeat, with the German nation reduced to ashes. By Hitler’s own yardstick, his Nazis were, therefore, not as racially “fit” as their foes. "

Just today I said (out loud to myself) that "if Hitler were alive today" [with all the knowledge of what happened to Germany, Europe etc after the war, the aftermath (up to the support of jews, Israel, and wars in Iraq etc by millions of White Christians) of mass immigration into Europe, rape of Europe etc] "he would be on the side of the jew who proved the stronger" (as a biological organism or race). "No matter that there were many Germans and other Europeans who fought on the right side - they ultimately lost - BECAUSE the majority of that race fought against itself". I then said "and Nietzsche would agree with him."

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One last comment, like one last cast into the lake at twilight: HASBARA. PROPAGANDA.

The Great Commission of the Modernist Creed is to send the progressive thinker into the world to spread Propaganda, scientifically of course.

And you could write a dissertation on the History of the (bloody) 20th c. using Life Magazine as your primary source, with articles from The Atlantic for backup.

Most of what is taught and preached today is Propaganda. Prejudice. Hasbara.

And we are seeing how deadly the consequences.

The Old Testament in a nutshell, if I may, in God’s Word, ( a foreign language to most) is the story of the pilgrimage of the soul out of manipulation (slavery) into the light of Christ (the Word).

Hasbara accomplishes the inversion (nullification) of this when people mistake the OT as a guide for living and behaving (manual of genocide), through the darkness of shrunken discernment.

This is a spiritual battle. Could well be that Nietzsche foresaw, as did his predecessor, Raskolnikov, the murderer. It is a battle for the soul. Please see Hoffman, pp 26-27 of Secret Societies, and please read the 1995 Preface to the same. And forgive any plagiarism—

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The lies about the Biblical Israel being the literal Jewish race was promulgated by the Rothschilds via the Scofield Bible in the 19th century. This is what spawned Christian Zionism in the 20th amongst evangelicals. The history behind this is beautifully analyzed in the following short video:


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Thank you so much for this article. I am in a struggle with other Zionist Christian’s about their belief of Israel being the “chosen” people and God’s covenant in the Old Testament as Israel right to the land. and he who blesses Isra will be blessed. You have given me much ammunition. I can’t believe how they love Israel while they kill the innocents!

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Douglas Reed's Controversy of Zion is the only book I have encountered that makes sense of the apparent incompatibility between the teaching of Jesus and what Christians call the Old Testament, which was compiled by Levitical scribes, not by Moses's hand (obviously as it contains an account of his death). This also explains why multiple accounts of an events occur throughout and they are seldom exactly alike. Basically the Levitical scribes, over decades, inserted nullifying rules upon the moral code given to Moses that effectively raise racial supremacy and domination of the chosen supreme over all other laws. It was precisely this that Jesus attacked in his teaching--almost word for word the refutation of the scribes code and fulfillment the true moral code provided by a heavenly creator (not a tribal war god)--and why the Pharisees the successors of these scribes murdered him. People should really read Mr. Reed's book which is online for free. https://controversyofzion.info/Controversybook/index.htm

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