Mr. Hoffman, the freeze/ thaw nature of the revelation of the method could also be applied to the forensic nature of the clinical trial data regarding the vaccines, could it not? Regarding the Johns Hopkins SPARS pandemic exercise: https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/Center-projects/completed-projects/spars-pandemic-scenario.html

there is a process of revelation that is eerily similar to what we are experiencing today. What are your thoughts? As regards RFK Jr I agree with your character assessment, however, Ed Dowd a former Black Rock agent does engender a certain skepticism. Mr. Dowd appeared seemingly out of nowhere and makes some rather strange prognostications regarding the "saviour's" to come as being the true psyop and not the current enemies of humanity at the WEF. One wonders in our age of covert ops whether he, too, sleeps with Kipling's Kim on his nightstand. Finally, the Hugo Talks dismissal aside there are some bizarre components to the "Reawaken American" tour. From the recital of prayers from Elizabeth Claire Prophet, inspired by Alice Bailey, to the Lucis Trust affiliations. Not to mention the Rudolph Steiner followers touting his Rosicrucian impulse and influence, suspicion truly abounds. Could Pan's flute be luring us into the next phase of SPARS revelations? Are republican's destined to be duped comatose once again instead of being "reawakened"? Are doctors and clinical trials once frozen being thawed due to the adequate alchemical processing of the COVID traumatized populace. Time, I suppose will determine the overall value of these particular fruits. Thank God for you Mr Hoffman, and your perceptive, intuitive and inquisitive readers. The above correspondence have born much good fruit to enjoy. Thank you.

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Dear Michael,

How wonderful this idea of yours is. I miss your newsletter, but such is life. Pursuant to the revelation of the method processing of the amerikan mind, the methods of creating a false reality in our day and age come by various names, one of which commonly seen is "gaslighting" which is a just another name for hiding something in plain sight. Years ago I read a novel by Erich Maria Remarque, "A Time to Love and a Time to Die", about a young German soldier on leave in Germany from the Russian Front. In one scene the main character Graeber is sitting with friends drinking wine. Beside them is a river and across the river is a university, I think. The conversation is on the nuances of aerial bombardment of targets of military significance. Despite the widespread damage done to residential areas in many German cities, one man refused to believe the Allies were directly targeting civilian areas as to terrorize the population. He said he wouldn't believe they would be so cruel to do such an uncivilized barbarity. Soon planes flew overhead and they sought a bomb shelter. When they emerged and they beheld the university smoking in ruins. At that point the man fully believed the bombing campaign had a terrorist nature.

The same thing with the vaccination campaign and Covid before that. As I was talking to a fellow doctor one day, she proudly reported she had her 6 month old grandchild vaccinated. I had let her know of the reported severe side effects in the pediatric age group and the fact there had been no field safety trials, but she remained derisively skeptical. But it seems that unless one personally knows of a tragedy, then the skeptic cannot be bothered to read between the lines. They are blind in one eye and can't see out of the other. And yet the evidence is all around them.

Pat Flanagan, MD

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Jan 21, 2023·edited Jan 21, 2023

Hello All and Mr. Hoffman

I am Jesse W. I wrote a private email to Mr Hoffman inquiring about all this. I saw Hoffman's Twitter post holding and promoting Edward Dowd's book.  I read Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, and I am now reading Twilight Language, which trained me to understand that the freeze on the vaccine info in now being thawed, deliberately. My email chain with Mr. Hoffman started with my purchase of almost $500 worth of his news letters. Instead of private response, I was pilloried in the public square (why??).  In any case, this a great debate that is generating fruit for discussion, as you can see by Adrian and Pat's powerful comments above.  I hope that Hoffman addresses each and every one of Adrian's comments. 

Mr. Hoffman showed you exactly 1/2 of my email question - in first half (posted below) - I shared the Bone Pointing analogy (cursing someone to death) to be an exact representation of the satanic fulfillment of exposing harm done to your victim (vaccine injury in this case). I did not solely get these and ideas from HugoTalks.  Hugo simply does a good job summarizing all the source info out there - and I thought sharing his videos with Hoffman was helpful. Hugo was made into a strawman here and I doubt Hoffman even checked out his amazing videos. Hugo's style is to point out information that's out there and he questions it. He doesn't make any claims on anything really. He questions the narrative and it's healthily to do that.  

Have you seen the multiple recent Edward Dowd interviews on Alex Jones?? The man is telling you this reveal is going to help bring down the system - he says it every time he is on the show. He says the "good" guys that offer you a deal after the collapse are not good.  I have NO problem with Bobby K. I think Dowd is using people like him to help push and change the narrative.   Bobby's work is being leveraged for this end - I don't know if Bobby is even really aware of it. 

Dr. Aseem Marholta told us to get jabbed a couple years ago, now today he is letting us know about vaccine injury https://deadline.com/2023/01/bbc-apologizes-for-interview-with-dr-aseem-malhotra-covid-jab-1235226970/

Why is FOX news suddenly allowed to expose what they are?  Many other mainstream outlets are getting involved now too. WHY are they allowed suddenly to expose this info?

Does Elon musk bare good fruit because he is releasing the twitter files?  His actions with twitter are so painfully obviously orchestrated. But then there are his other fruits - he praises mRNA technology, wears a Baphomet costume like a total dork, and he wants to turn you into a cyborg.  

Is Alex Jones a good guy too since he always praises Dowd and Kennedy and loves Elon Musk?  Jones has good info to share at times, and other times you can tell something fishy is going on.  I learned from Jay Dyer to understand that these folks have truthful elements, but just because they bear one piece of good fruit doesn't mean anything - and a piece of good fruit can be a Trojan horse, it's not just black and white when it comes to the works of others.  

See the Jons Hopkins SPARS paper that Adrian  referenced. More evidence. And Jay Dyer (one of your greatest proponents) breaks it down here:FLASHBACK: Jay Dyer Revisits SPARS Pandemic 2025 Document 


My specific email inquiry had to do with Bone Pointing - with all of Hoffman's deep understanding of ritualistic symbolism, manipulation, and sorcery, I thought this is an amazing point to discuss. There are now people having night mares of having heart attacks - they are scared to death, literally - and this can be a placebo affect of the reveal even if your dose wasn't lethal. This is really happening - so the bone pointing idea is actually at play here whether you agree with me or not. 

How in the world and am I "far right wing" when I am calling out the reawaken tour and the Trump loving posse? Your readers wouldn't have picked up on this because you didn't include the first half of my email question.  I don't trust Trump and I think he and Elon make perfect Anti Christ candidates.  I am a skeptical human being, like you and anyone that follows you. 

I am honored to be at the center of Hoffman's first Substack.  This debate is going to get a lot of people thinking. Maybe it was a good thing I was pilloried publicly. Even though my teacher tried to ridicule me publicly, I am so enamored with Mr. Hoffman and his work that I forgive him, pray for him, and I will continue to buy his work. Mr. Hoffman has substantially reinforced my Christian beliefs and understanding, and I am forever indebted to him for that. He has one of the greatest minds and visions today. The Hoffman Lens, the Grace of God, and the Holy Spirit will help you tear the veil. I recommend checking out his books, newsletters, videos, interviews, audio CDs. Just be careful with email questions though ;)

Original Email correspondence: 

Wed, Jan 18, 9:45 PM (3 days ago)

Hi Mr Hoffman

Can I ask you about Ed Dowd?Is he not a revelator of the method? Hugo Talks on YouTube talks about bone pointing -  that's what is happening with all the vaccine injury exposure (which Hugo calls the Big Reveal). The revelation of the vaccine injury information is the deepest form of brainwashing, instilling the highest levels of fear of death -  bone pointing where Ed Dowd is a center piece, if not the bone in the ritual where the data is "pointing" to your death. You are the one that taught me to see this!  This revelation of vaccine injury, or impending injury  is a satanic agenda to rub in your face that you're going to be injured or die.

Ed  has been on the Alex Jones show a few times recently, stating repeatedly that if he were a writing a script, he would have the ostensible good guys take out the deep state and expose all the caricature, evil bad guys, posing themselves as the good guys, offering a better medical and financial system.  I saw your tweet about Ed's book and was compelled to write to you. Curious to know what you think of my thoughts. Thank you. 

Jan 19, 2023, 1:11 AM (2 days ago)I have never heard of “Ed Dowd.”

All good wishes,Michael Hoffman

Independent History and Research Box 849 • Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83816

Jan 19, 2023, 8:51 AM (2 days ago)

Hi Mr Hoffman

Edward Dowd is the ex-Blackrock analyst that wrote this book below "Cause Unknown" - you posted his book on your Twitter. His twitter has been restored, he is now allowed to get millions of views on YouTube - he is being permitted to reveal all this. The Big Reveal. As I mentioned the youtube channel Hugo Talks - he exposeses this agenda - and also exposes how this team of revelators - the Reawaken America posse, including RFK jr, Catherine Austin Fitts, Robert Malone, Dr. McCoulogh, etc. -  are all part a new age agenda and they are associated with the Lucis Trust.  I am extremely curious to get your feedback on this. I am not trying to ding you, I am praying you see this for what it is. You inspired and trained me on how to pick up on this kind of thing. 



https://hugotalks.com/2023/01/16/is-the-big-reveal-modern-day-bone-pointing-hugo-talks(Photo of Hoffman's Twitter post holding Dowd's book was pasted here)

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Jesse, I wrote rebuke of Michael’s response to your inquiry, which I fully agree with and find infuriating and alarming, but have rescinded and deleted it after seeing the subsequent post. I would encourage you to look into Howard Ratcliffe’s website theresnothingnew.com, where new age BS is just the tip of the iceberg where their vigilance is concerned. And to Michael’s “By their fruits ye shall know them,” then I’ve got one in return - Galatians 5:9 reminds that “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” Is Robert Kennedy guilty by association? I don’t know. I do know there’s a long list circulating which reads the following:

UN & Backed AshkeNAZI / Jewish/Communist

/ NWO New World Order Controlled Opposition, Chabad-Mafia, Cult of Yahweh / YHWH, Chabad Lubavitch Synagogue, NC aka Bolshevik-Communist 1921-1925 Psy-0p, “Operation Trust" Trump's "Q":

Alex Jones

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Nick Fuentes

"Dr." "Carrie Madej"

Mike Adams, Natural America's Frontline News


E. Michael Jones

Dr. Simone Gold

Whitney Webb

Dr. Stella Immanuel

Jesse Ventura

Dr. Judy Mikovits

Dr. Rima Laibow

Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Jack Psobiek

Dr. Brian Ardis

General Michael


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Robert David Steele Dr. Larry Plevsky

Simon Parkes

Dr. Judy Mikovits

Charlie Ward

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Attorney Lin Wood

Dr. Christiane


Actor Jim Caviezal

Oliver Stone

Celeste Solum, FEMA

David Icke

Sean Stone

Del Bigtree

Sacha Stone

RT News

"Mel K"

Breitbart News

"Juan O. Savin"

Rebel News

Avi Yemini

Stew Peters Show

Along with Natural News and a small army of websites Mike Adams apparently controls.

What’s most alarming to me is how easily led many Christians and most non-Christians are by all of the propaganda. It’s exhausting and I’m tired and angry about it. Is there hope? my answer is, in Jesus Christ there is.

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Jesse W., what a wonderful and respectful assessment of our situation and what a great first thread for debate. It is true we should have a skepticism of anyone on the main stage. A good analogy may be Hoffman’s criticism of Protocols as it was used to paper over Eisenmenger's Entdecktes Judenthum. Another example I often hear conspiracy “experts” cite is L.C. Lewin’s Report from Iron Mountain. These are real in the sense that they aid in diminishing the truth. It was very hard for me, after discovering the Truth of Christ (from Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson of whom I discovered Mr. Hoffman and Dr. E. Michael Jones) to untangle Christians from neo-cons or dominionists. Chris Hedges and Carol Swain in their books on the subject point to all the flaws of modern Christianity such as “hating” homosexuals, misogyny, promotion of the death penalty, prosperity gospel, apocalyptic purification, American exceptionalism, along white superiority in which Dr. Swain names the Barnes Review and Spotlight Newspaper.

Dr. Johnson criticizes “state of nature theorists” Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Adam Smith. Of course America is founded on these premises. Hoffman exposes this further “the philosphes of the eighteenth century enlightenment: Rousseau, Kant, Diderot, Hume, Voltaire- seemingly everyone except the Church of Romes most guilty spiritual and theological progenitors of the Second Vatican Council”…. Occult Renaissance Church of Rome pg.131 I am looking for a clear defense of the the American Revolution bearing these considerations in mind or a defense of particular Enlightenment values?

For example Thomas G. West In Vindicating the Founders, “Government protects property, not because the current pattern of wealth and poverty is in all respects just, but because security of property is a promise to the industrious and talented that they will be able to keep what they earn.”

But Gerrard Winstanley, regardless of other faults, protested against the enclosure movement. “they advocated an end to all property rights...but instead small plots of land were owned by peasants according to folk-laws or customs, which usually followed kinship principles and where each cultivated their own small holding,...the True Levellers also advocated the collective cultivation of land.”

Dr. Shiva hosts a website rfkexposed.com. John Brisson’s (on Substack and Odysee: we’vereadthedocuments) work is solely on the topic of the mainstream fake-right. This revolves around the Council of National Policy (CNP), which contains many of our alt-right conservative “heroes”. Are we supposed to ignore facts because a mainstream movement is speaking some amount of Truth? I don’t claim to know the answers. If they reveal these truths (as Tucker Carlson may) what is it they are hiding which is obviously more important and what are they selling us? Obviously, we know to some extent it is Judaism. The best we have now are the woke leftists exposing these grifter evangelicals even though these same humanist-Unitarians reject Christ and his role in the founding of our nation as well as Western thought. We have no choice but to look to them for this criticism if our conservative heroes refuse to acknowledge this reality.

John Brisson raises suspicions of J dire and Jason Bermas, the list is endless. Professor Hamamoto raises suspicion of Whitney Webb. In my opinion it is healthier to trust fewer pundits during this age of dis/ mis information. Meanwhile every anarcho-capitalist clings to myths such as free market ideology (while they sell Chinese t-shirts), a gold standard and Jewish finance (Ron Paul), and of course a government by voluntary consent (contract) and not divine right and long established customs as the basis of both church and state.

Here are some of their books but of course I do not endorse them other than their references. Russel Bellant (out of print Old Nazis New Right availale on Scribd), Christians against Christianity Obery M. Hendricks, The Seven Deadly Sins of White Christian Nationalism Carter Heyward. Kelleigh Nelson’s article ENEMIES ON THE LEFT FALSE FRIENDS ON THE RIGHT is free online.

In the end we can’t do much about politics besides prepare for the worst. Regardless of who is fake we need to be grounded in our fundamentals. I applaud Mr. Hoffman as he has done his share to correct many christian heresies.

“In past generations revelations of high crimes would have been revitalizing”

You are correct Mr. Hoffman there is no justice and seemingly no chance of it. Exposing the crime is of little effect. Is our duty to try? Up to a point. You can’t be expected to fight a battle you can’t win.

“In the West they are now mostly grist for the thrill-of-the-week on the part of a

mass of degenerate voyeurs spectating at their own demise”

How do we compare to modern fear-porn doom-scrollers and what good does it do? (Knowledge may be a shield.) I must fight Aboulia in order to spend hours editing this post so please don’t dismiss our questions as if your followers are simply the ignorant masses.

“Mr. Musk fired a multi-megaton truth missile straight into the heart-of-darkness, and made an enemy of the ruling class, How do we parse this perplexity?” IMO, We can only wonder if it is indeed a show that the establishment hated Trump and that Elon is a dissenter. Furthermore if the virus /vaccine lies are out of the bag (which I suspected when Tucker began he revelation years ago) what is beneath the surface preparing to emerge?

We are looking for expert opinions but in closing you are correct; “Each of us has the responsibility to decide among the RFK Jrs., the Dowds, the Elons, the Trumps and Shapiros, whose fruit is good and whose is not.” (I’m not gonna do your thinking for you), That’s what a good leader would say!

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Excellent response. Helps underline how my own personal exhaustion is causing truth decay.

Glad to read your voice here on substack Mr. Hoffman.

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Dowd has to be an imposter. The way he talks about the financial markets is extremely suspect. Maybe fund managers just don't know very much about the markets? But why would he create doubt by exposing his own ignorance to the public? Something's not right. And not one of his predictions have come true. Anyone who took his market advice has been wiped out.

Robert Malone wrote the algorithm they used to decide Remdesivir would be the only therapeutic allowed for Covid. Malone has admitted working on bioweapons research for decades. He was one of Jordon Walker's handlers along with Callahan from the CIA. TheDukeReport has been on the Jordon Walker case since the beginning. James O'Keefe exposed his total lack of integrity with the Jordon Walker story and he's been exposed by Mike Gill on Brendon O'Connell's YouTube channel. James O'Keefe is good friends with RFK Jr. Everybody knows everybody in this world.

Del Bigtree was the producer on Dr. Phil. Search "Dr. Phil house photos." Seymour Hersh's pipeline bombing story was factually incorrect about obvious details (like the 17 hours between bombings), was full of factoids (irrelevant details inserted to give the story the appearance of factualness) and basically said that Biden was the decision maker, the CIA were the good guys and DC is full of hard working, intelligent and morally upright master tacticians and strategists. No one doubts the US blew up the pipelines. But why the fake news? The recent Pentagon leak is also full of factual errors. So secret documents leak and the numbers are wrong? Frazzledrip was broken by Media Matters that is owned by a good friend of John Podesta. Wikileaks is fake. Assange might be legit but Glenn Greenwald is a con. Edward Snowden is a con. Vault 7 is fake. Wikileaks is Netanyahu's narrative control news.

Tucker Carlson made a big deal several weeks ago about the 44,000 hours of J6 videos he was given by Congress. He showed 3 short clips and then never mentioned it again while banging on about trannies and Democrat city crime.

My life has been turned upside down since the Jordon Walker video. Since then I found out that all my sources were either lying by promoting a narrative they knew was nonsense or were lying by claiming to be informed when they hadn't bothered reading anything they reported on. Since then I've been listening to Brendon O'Connell on YouTube (3/4s crazy but he brings the receipts about the people he's against), TheDukeReport on Rumble (George Webb is rumoured to be Mossad) and The Conspiracy Distillery on YouTube (he just got removed but has a website). Arturo Tofoya is the guy behind Distillery. He was recruited into Cicada3301 which was kinda sorta the dry run for Q. He knows all the people who were involved in Q. It was started by Jim Watkins of 8kun (Ron Watkins of X22Report is his son) and Thomas Schoenberger who's only talent is convincing people to suicide. Ft. Bragg's 82nd Airborne (the same ones that were supposed to be monitoring the rigged election using quantum ink in the ballots) were part of it along with Trump, Pompeo and Flynn. Isaac Kappy was driven crazy by Schoenberger and committed suicide. There is no ring of world elite's eating children. Robert David Steele was a known CIA Psyop officer. He was a good friend with Roger Stone who was a member of the NXIVM sex slave cult with Clare Bronfman, owns the NY brothel that exposed Eliot Spitzer, and is up the rung in the child sex compromat and financial crimes organization. He's also an IV drug user.

I've got to wrap this up. I suspect Naomi Wolf (begging for donations for her 3000 volunteers while telling us nothing we didn't know 2 years ago), Matias Desmet (Mass Formation Psychosis is nonsense used to transfer responsibility for Covid to the victims), Steve Kersch, and even Peter McCullough. Anyone who's ever been on Alex Jones is most likely controlled. I'm even starting to suspect Catharine Austin Fitts among others.

I'm not really certain why this is happening but my best guess is it's a distraction from what's really happening and narrative control for what's coming. Covid was planned. The US government, executive and legislative branches both, made this happen. See bailiwicknews at substack Apr. 28, 2022 article and secularheretic at substack Aug. 13, 2022 article. The virus almost certainly didn't originate from civilian research at Wuhan. Other then technical reasons I'd point to the media all reporting on lab leak while having forgotten about Operation Warp Speed (the gene therapies are military, the entire Covid scam is military). Why would anti-Trump media not report on OWS?

The only person I think is likely trustworthy is Arturo Tofoya but he mostly reports on Q and small level psyops. Geopolitics and Covid isn't his thing. One thing I've noticed in finding out these things is that non of the professional media sources (no matter how small) ever looked into anything. RFK Jr believes anyone who doesn't believe in global warming should be imprisoned. JFK most likely was killed because he was so spectacularly corrupt that even the criminals running America couldn't set boundaries with him. He took the right to mint money from the FED, started a gigantic war and changed the way military contracts were given out so he would be reelected and his mob buddies would get paid. Search "was Henry Crown mafia" - Henry's son Lester is involved in the above Epstein crime crowd. Search "FTX scandal". The most likely reason he was killed. They had no choice. Most likely, anyone who's seen the Kennedy assassination documents knows he was incredibly corrupt which explains why there has never been a whistleblower over his killing. Oliver Stone is suspect. His son Sean runs a cult named I AM and is friends with Sacha Stone who runs an even bigger cult. I got some of my information from L Fletcher Prouty.

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I should mention that the bible is God's word. Comparing skepticism of an Apostle with skepticism of current day media talking heads is really bad logic. I owe no one loyalty because they seem to be on my side today and even though they're showing all sorts of red flags. Almost all of them have already shown themselves to be wolves in sheep's clothing. There's a reason nobody looks into these people's pasts and who their friends and associates are. And, I know I know almost nothing. But I still can't ignore what little information I do have.

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To Jamis 6528

All your negativity disseminated about people you don't trust. The level of suspicion articulated in this manner -- rumors, character derogation --"almost everyone who ever appeared on the Alex Jones show is suspect..."

Relentlessly cutting down dozens of people without evidence doesn't help us find the truth.

Perhaps you are the only pure one? Oh wait, I forgot, there is one other. You wrote:

"The only person I think is likely trustworthy is Arturo Tofoya."

What is the point of inventorying relentless detraction of the many people you loathe?

This isn't your personal rants bulletin board.

Please do not use my Substack column to engage in rumor and innuendo. If you wish to make a positive contribution with a historical fact then do so with thoroughly documented information; corroborate it with cited research.

Otherwise, please find another forum for your attacks, including a lie about the reason President Kennedy was assassinated. In other words he deserved to die? His CIA assassins were justified?

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